Frankincense Bergamot Candle
Frankincense Bergamot Candle

Frankincense Bergamot Candle

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Volume: 8oz

Enjoy a luxurious blend between Frankincense, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang. 

This candle is scented with 100% Theraputic Pure Essential Oil and hand-poured in a 8oz gold rimmed tin, with wide opening, that will allow the candle to breathe and burn evenly to the end. Wicked with a 100% natural wood, for a clean and long lasting burn and finished crackle. 

Frankincense is known for its health properties in reducing inflammation with asthma.

Bergamot is used to increase euphoria and positive mood encouragement.

Ylang Ylang is used to alleviate anxiety while decreasing heart rate.  

Ingredients include: Natural Soy Wax, Frankincense essential oils, Bergamot essential oils, Ylang Ylang essential oils, Rose Oil, coconut oil, Assorted dried flowers. 

*Products with essential oils should not be used on infants less that 6 months old.

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