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Peaches and Cream - Summer Collection

Peaches and Cream - Summer Collection

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Volume: 8oz and 16oz

What's better than refreshing peaches and cream on a hot summer day? 

This candle is scented with 100% Theraputic Pure Essential Oil and hand-poured in a 8oz tin, with wide opening, that will allow the candle to breathe and burn evenly to the end. Wicked with a 100% natural wood, for a clean and long lasting burn and finished crackle. 

The freshness of ripe peaches combined with the richness of creamy notes, creating a tantalising aroma that delights the senses. The fragrance is further elevated with the delicious nuances of creamy vanilla, infused with the sweetness of peach and the subtle floral hints of pineapple flower.

Ingredients include: Natural Soy Wax, peach essential oils, coconut essential oils, bergamot essential oil, vanilla essential oil, Rose Oil, coconut oil. 

*Products with essential oils should not be used on infants less that 6 months old.

Be You. Be Natural.
These products have no preservatives and synthetic fragrances. Made with 100% natural ingredients to treasure your skin.

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