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Handmade Natural Clove Sweet Orange Bar Soap

Handmade Natural Clove Sweet Orange Bar Soap

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Volume: 100g

The scent of fall is one of the most heart warming fragrances of the year. 

This soap made with shea butter, clove, ginger and sweet orange is meant to fill your senses with fall thoughts, while keeping skin soft and smooth.

Gently cleansing the skin of impurities, oils and reducing acne. Shea butter gives a healthy and nourished feel and look to the skin and also helps to promote premature ageing over time. 

Clove oil helps reduce sagging skin and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It removes the dead skin cells and helps in blood circulation, which indirectly or directly ensures a youthful and radiant looking. 

Gingers antioxidant properties help prevent free radicals in the skin that help reduce damage and premature aging. Ginger also helps with those suffering from hyperpigmentation. 

Sweet Orange is a natural antibacterial and helps boost circulation of in the skin. It's natural properties, including having a high concentration of Vitamin C allows the skin to even its tone and fight free radicals just as ginger does. 

Made with all natural ingredients and essential oils without added chemical, preservatives or toxins.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Clove essential oil, Ginger essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Rosewater, Vitamin E oil. 

Recommended use: Once a day with any shower.

*Products with essential oils should not be used on infants less that 6 months old.

Be You. Be Natural.
These products have no preservatives and synthetic fragrances. Made with 100% natural ingredients to treasure your skin.


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