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Flower Garden and Gold Leaf Resin Coasters

Flower Garden and Gold Leaf Resin Coasters

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A high gloss, non-toxic resin and featuring dried flowers and yellow gold leaf accents, this 4-piece set of coasters offers a luxurious addition to home decor. Easily cleaned and remarkably durable, the glass-like effect of the resin ensures that each coaster is precisely detailed and long-lasting.

These coasters are great for gifting or just to keep for yourself. Perfect for hosting mugs, cups and our luxury candles.

All coasters are hand poured to give a unique style and make a statement as functional fine art for any space and will be a perfect addition to any room!

Note: All pieces are handmade and will not be identical to pictures as shown, although I try my best to replicate them. As I do my best to prevent air bubbles, some items may include small imperfections during pouring.
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