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Luxuria Studios

Corporate, Wedding and Events Candle Making Workshop

Corporate, Wedding and Events Candle Making Workshop

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Whether it's for corporate team building, a bridesmaid party, or birthday event, Luxuria Studios is there to give you an amazing experience with candle making. 

Thoughtful companies are integrating corporate wellness programs to improve employee performance and morale. According to Forbes, “healthy and engaged employees, in concert with a strong workplace culture, are the secret sauce for business success.” 

Studies have shown that employee engagement doesn't only increase profitability but also encourages employees to:

  • Feel better in their workspace
  • Make healthier lifestyle choices with the candles you ingest
  • Work with passion, purpose, and energy

Corporate, Wedding and Events Candle Making Workshop

Luxuria Studios offers a in-person candle-making workshops that will make employees feel relaxed and at ease. The art of candle-making can serve as an enjoyable team-building event that's sure to get their minds engaged in a meaningful way.

What can you expect from the workshop?

The candle-making workshop provides each of your employees with a step-by-step class that walks them through making candles with their very own candle-making kit. Each participant candle-making kit, which is included in the price per person, will show them how easy DIY projects can be.

Engage your employees with an exciting and fun craft activity that will encourage them to explore their creative sides, schedule your event. You can connect with us from the comfort of your own home, so grab your favorite drink, and let's make some candles!

Cost: $85 per person ( includes candle kit + hosting fee) + Travel surcharge of $15 per person at a minimum of 10 participants. 

*Travel surcharge $150 (Within GTA). Additional surcharge depending on distance. 

All you will need to make your own unique candle is brought to the venue. All kits include top-quality ingredients that are:

Natural, eco-friendly, vegan, non-toxic free of pthlatates and parabens. 

Supplies include:

    • Classic 8 oz black tin
    • 8 oz soy wax: Poured by Luxuria Studios Host
    • Selection of essential oils or oil mix
    • Mixing spoon
    • Warning label + your customized naming label
    • Wooden wick
    • Wick clip + sticker
    • Gift bag


Candle Making Workshop Itinerary - 1.5 Hours

Welcome and Introduction (10 minutes)
- Welcome participants 
- Setting goals and objectives of the session, emphasizing relaxation, creativity, and the benefits of candle making/aromatherapy.

Mindfulness Meditation (15 minutes)
- Guided mindfulness meditation.

Breath Work Exercise (10 minutes)
- Transition into a simple breath work exercise.

Introduction to Candle Making (10 minutes)
- Provide an overview of the candle making process.

Candle Making Demonstration (15 minutes)
- Demonstrate the basic steps of candle making.
- Emphasize the importance of creativity and personal expression in the process.

Hands-On Candle Making (30 minutes)
- Participants begin creating their own candles

Meditative Candle Setting (10 minutes)
- Group is guided in setting an intention or making a wish for the candle.
- Encourage mindful and positive thinking as they prepare to light their creations.

Closing and Reflection (10 minutes)
- Reflect on the experience and the benefits of combining mindfulness with creativity.
- Invite participants to share any insights or feelings that arose during the workshop.

Group Candle Lighting (5 minutes)
- Participants light their candles simultaneously.
- Allow a moment of silence as everyone watches their candles flicker to life.
- End the workshop on a peaceful and harmonious note.

Q&A and Farewell (5 minutes)
- Open the floor for any questions or comments.

This workshop itinerary combines mindfulness, creativity, and relaxation, offering participants a holistic and enriching experience.

On the pre-arranged date, I will lead the group in teaching everyone how to make their soy wax candle in a relaxing and fun environment at the venue of your choice. You will learn the step-by-step process of candle care 101, along with tips and tricks on how to get the most fun out of this handmade craft.

Note: Our candle-making classes have a minimum requirement of 10 people per group. Smaller private group booking may be requested. Additional fees may apply. Please contact: for booking information. 

Cancellation Policy 

All fees are nonrefundable at the time of booking. Your event can be rescheduled if necessary up until 48 hours before the event. Rescheduling dates are available at the sole discretion of Luxuria Studios.

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