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Aromaglow Candle Decorating Workshop

Aromaglow Candle Decorating Workshop

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Join us for an enchanting candle decorating workshop where you'll have the opportunity to infuse your creativity into our premium wood wick candles. AromaGlow invites you to embrace the art of candle customization by choosing from a delightful array of flowers and crystals to adorn your candle, creating a unique centerpiece for your home or a heartfelt gift for a loved one.

Workshop Highlights:

1. Introduction to AromaGlow: Learn about the art of aromatherapy candles, the power of scents, and the soothing ambiance they can create.

2. Candle Crafting: Each participant will receive a handcrafted wood wick candle from AromaGlow's collection, a perfect canvas for your creativity.

3. Floral Elegance: Delve into a world of botanical beauty as you select from a variety of dried flowers, each with its own symbolism and charm.

4. Crystal Magic: Choose from an assortment of crystals, each known for its unique properties and energies. Our crystal specialists will explain the significance of your chosen crystals and how they can enhance your candle's aura.

5. Hands-On Decoration: Under the guidance of experienced artisans, you'll decorate your candle with the selected flowers and crystals, creating a stunning, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

6. Custom Scenting: Select an essential oil blend to infuse your candle with your preferred aroma, elevating your sensory experience. (Scents are chosen before the workshop)

7. Candle Care and Safety: Discover essential tips on candle care, safety, and how to make the most of your personalized AromaGlow creation.

8. Personalized Labeling: Create a personalized label for your candle, making it truly yours or a thoughtful gift for someone special. (Personalized label chosen before the workshop)

What to Bring:

- Your creativity and a desire to craft a unique candle masterpiece.
- Comfortable attire for a hands-on experience.
- An open heart and a spirit of relaxation.

Workshop Details:

- Date: Select at checkout
- Time: Select at checkout
- Duration:** Approximately 45 minutes
- Location: Chosen by Host 


Candle Making Workshop Itinerary - 45 mins

Welcome and Introduction (5 minutes)
- Welcome participants 
- Setting goals and objectives of the session, emphasizing relaxation, creativity, and the benefits of candle making/aromatherapy.

Mindfulness Meditation (5 minutes)
- Guided mindfulness meditation.

Breath Work Exercise (5 minutes)
- Transition into a simple breath work exercise.

Introduction to Candle Making (5 minutes)
- Provide an overview of the candle making process.

Hands-On Candle Making (15 minutes)
- Participants begin creating their own candles

Closing and Reflection (10 minutes)
- Reflect on the experience and the benefits of combining mindfulness with creativity.
- Invite participants to share any insights or feelings that arose during the workshop.

Q&A and Farewell (5 minutes)
- Open the floor for any questions or comments.

This workshop itinerary combines mindfulness, creativity, and relaxation, offering participants a holistic and enriching experience.


- Workshop Fee: $45 per participant (minimum participants are 10 per session)
- Includes: All crafting materials, a handcrafted wood wick candle, flower and crystal choices, labeling materials, and expert guidance.

How to Reserve Your Spot:

To reserve your place at this exclusive AromaGlow candle decorating workshop, please email or place an order at checkout. 

Join us in crafting moments of tranquility and beauty with AromaGlow's personalized candle workshop. We look forward to creating magic together! 🕯️🌸✨

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