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African Goddess Vanity Tray (Resin)

African Goddess Vanity Tray (Resin)

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An homage to the beautiful black women on this earth who are connected to nature. 

Enjoy a custom resin vanity tray to hold your favourite body care and candle products. A perfect addition to home decor that embraces the natural beauty of nature and women. This piece is coated in a galaxy mica powder to shimmer in the light and highlight the purple, blue and gold that surround it. 

*Hand wash only. Do NOT use a dishwasher. Lay on flat surface to avoid dents or breaking. Each item uniquely designed, handcrafted coasters are made using premium quality epoxy resin combined with numerous other artistic materials.

Note: All pieces are handmade and will not be identical to pictures as shown, although I try my best to replicate them. As I do my best to prevent air bubbles, some items may include small imperfections during pouring.

Sizing: Approximately 10 inches x 8 inches


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