Organic Lemon Face Cleanser
Organic Lemon Face Cleanser
Organic Lemon Face Cleanser

Organic Lemon Face Cleanser

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Organic Lemon Face Cleanser is formulated with mild components, enabling it to effectively cleanse the face from dirt and impurities accumulated during a day outdoors. In addition, essential oils assist in refining the skin's texture, helping to create an even complexion. Further benefits include reduction of acne, fighting the signs of aging, prevention of ingrown hairs and controlling oily skin.

Without the added chemicals, preservatives or additives, the natural ingredients within the lemon cleanser penetrate deep into pores to visibly reduce their appearance for cleaner and flawless-looking skin. Your skin is left soft, smooth and refreshed.

Recommended use: Twice daily after washing your face or showers.

Ingredients: Castile Soap, Rose water, Vitamin E oil, and Lemon Essential oils.

*Products with essential oils should not be used on infants less that 6 months old.

Be You. Be Natural.
These products have no preservatives and synthetic fragrances. Made with 100% natural ingredients to treasure your skin.

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