Sticking to the Basics: 3 steps to healthy skincare

3 Steps to Skincare

It’s easy to get carried away with unnecessary skin care steps and get wrapped up in a 16 step routine. We are bombarded by multiple products and the latest influencer who promotes the latest fads but is it beneficial to your skin? 

My entire philosophy on skin care is to keep it simple. Good skincare is all about the basics and I put that into three categories: Cleanse, Correct and Protect. 

 1. Cleanse 

No matter how you approach it, cleansing your face is imperative and should be  first priority. Cleansing helps to remove impurities and dead surface cells to allow your skin to breathe. 

How you cleanse your skin really depends on the stage of your skin. If your skin is young and health, then manual manipulation with fingers do just fine. Skin that is aged may need a light exfoliate to help remove the dead cells that leave the skin looking dull. Either way, the Organic Lemon Face Cleanser is perfect for both and won't leave the skin dry after use. 

2. Correct

Once your face is clean, it's time to correct any damage done. This is what we also call targeted treatment. Correcting any skins imbalance is generally as simple as one single step. And it's usually the use of a Serum. 

What matters most is giving your skin the nutrients it needs. Hydration, smooth texture, reduced wrinkles and lots of vitamin power. The Natural Glow Serum is just that! 

3. Protect 

Yes, this is the time where I tell you to wear sunscreen. And yes, even in the winter! Your skin needs a layer of protection to maintain a barrier between it and the harshness of the sun, air and pollution. Finding the right moisturizer that isn't heavy and with a high SPF count is imperative to keeping that healthy glow all year round. 

Where to Start your Journey 

How to get started... choose products that tick multiple boxes to begin building your basic but ultimate skin care routine. 

The Multi-Cleanser - Organic Lemon Face Cleanser 

Help getting that beautiful canvas clean by detoxifying the pores and removing the dirt that is hidden deep beneath the surface. 

Lemon Face Cleanser

The overachiever Serum - Natural Glow Face Serum 

This ultimate serum helps to correct a host of concerns from reduction of wrinkles, hydration and preventing acne.