Top reasons your skincare isn't working and how it can be fixed

When working on your skin, chances are you’ve followed the most popular, top-search-result suggestion known for solving your particular skin issue, like a salicylic acid treatment for acne or a vitamin C serum for dullness.

After all, what works for everyone else must work for me... right? There's just one problem with that theory. It assumes that our skin is a constant. When in fact, our skin is a variable. Changes happen due to hormonal changes, diet, lifestyle and aging. All contributing to how our skin looks and feels on any given day. This is also why certain skincare products that worked before, may not be working now. 

One of the most popular ingredients these days is Salicylic acid. Found in most skincare products from large brands to the local generic pharmacy. This ingredient is known for curing acne on all skin types. However, we've already determined that not everyone is the same, so every ingredient won't act the same for everyONE. 

Signs of this specific ingredient not working include the acne not going away or sections of your skin being completely damaged. 

So now that your skin is damaged with extra ingredients and you've spent a mini life savings on this product, what do you do? 

Good news, there are numerous ways to solve this dilemma.

Positive and natural ingredients that may be used on your skin include tea tree oil. You know the same old-timey remedy used for bug bites... it can be used for more than just that. Tea tree oil helps reduce acne because of it's natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It helps calm redness, irritation and swelling around infected areas. 

We all have heard that oatmeal does wonders for meal time and helps with potential weight loss and is health. However, did you know that this one ingredient also helps relieve inflammation, absorbs excess oil and kills bacterial that lives on the surface of the skin? 

Pure raw steel cut oatmeal is found in the Lavender Oatmeal Face Wash. Oatmeal helps to moisturize, exfoliate and cleanses the skin. This superfood ingredient helps promote collagen production, improving skin complexion and reducing inflammation. 

Our face wash, crafted of steel cut oatmeal water and lavender essential oils, hydrates the skin, replacing moisture lost due to conventional soaps. Its calming scent is ideal for winding down in the evening, promoting relaxation and serenity.

When using or searching for products, always remember these four main rules: 

1. Check expiration dates: All products have an expiration date. Whether synthetic or Natural, try to use products within 3-6 months of breaking the seal. Natural products may expire in less time depending on ingredients used. 

2. Products may be stored in the sun or high humidity areas: Always try to store your skincare products in well ventilated and cool areas. Heat exposure for extended periods tend to break ingredients down, making them less effective for the skin. 

3. Products don't have enough active ingredients: Although all the right ingredients may be listed for the product, the concentration per ingredient may be low. 

4. Products are low quality: Not all skincare products are created equal. Check the ingredients and symbols on the product itself before consuming. Natural ingredients may be more expensive due to the concentration and quality. Inferior ingredients and poor formulations; letting unstable molecules break down the product are sure signs of lesser quality. 

Stay true to your skin type and remember to always Be You. Be Natural.  

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