Resting well: 5 ways to having a calmer morning

Resting well: 5 ways to having a calmer morning

Between small children, bustling spouses and playful pets, mornings can be hard for most people; even early risers. From hitting the snooze button one too many times, procrastinating about getting started for the day, staring at the ceiling and contemplating quitting your job; trust me, you're not alone. 

We've all spent way too much time in bed and then end up having to rush, running frantically through the house to get our lives together.

You ignore the hunger pains, stub your toe, ruin makeup, break a nail and leave the house without your clothes being ironed. Does this sound familiar? Are you even more stressed then when you initially woke up? Not at all uncommon and there are ways to help ease into the day without it being a disaster. This doesn't mean you won't have bad days, but these suggestions may just help a bit. 

Love them or hate them, mornings come every single day. So how on earth do you start liking mornings, if you absolutely dread them?

Some easy ways that can help and take little effort to start:

1. Prepare the Night Before 

Give yourself a break in the morning but preparing clothes, lunches and placings all of your necessities for the morning out, the night before. Trust me, it'll help and save time. 

2. Good Quality Sleep 

There's really nothing like waking up completely refreshed. That sleep that feels like your body is completely relaxed, just like after an amazing massage. Your mind is clear and you can take a deep breath without feeling pain. 

If you have trouble sleeping, try an aromatherapy diffuser with Lavender Oil or the Natural Lavender Stress Relief and Sleep Spray

3. Gently Move When Waking Up 

Help your mind and body by moving in the morning. I don't mean exercise but gentle motions to help the blood flow and mind start accepting the morning. Gentle stretching. light yoga or a mindful walk helps with your energy levels. Even if it's for 10 minutes at a time. Allergy season is right around the corner and sinus can easily start to flare. Help clear your sinuses and rid those pesky headaches with Eucalyptus and Peppermint Headache Relief Oil. Eucalyptus is best known to help open nasal passages and relieve muscle tension. 

4. A Refreshing Shower 

There's nothing better than getting into a nice cool shower in the summer or warm shower in the winter. It helps reset your body with the sensation of the water, the scent of your favourite soap or feeling of your wash cloth. Standing under the water helps centre your thoughts, no matter what may be happening outside. Take a mini vacation with the soothing scent of passion fruit first thing in the morning with the Passion Fruit Soap Bar.

5. A Good Breakfast 

It's not hard to skip breakfast most days, but it generally is of no benefit. By mid morning you're usually starving and can't think about anything else other than food. Minor things may be the biggest irritant. 

Treat yourself in the morning with a good breakfast, whether that be a pastry, oatmeal, eggs or a bowl of fruit. Eat something, you'll feel much better. Plus, who doesn't love the smell of a good coffee or herbal tea in the morning. 

Treat yourself. Take care of yourself. Enjoy life. You only have one. You deserve it. 


Disclaimer: The information within this article is only meant as a guide and not medical advice. If you suffer from increased or chronic stress, depression, insomnia, or any other medical condition please consult a Health Care Professional for the best options. 

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